There's a love that lingers always
Deep within my heart-
It's the love for cocker spaniels,
Here's how it got its start.
Bought a puppy, silky-coated,
Eyes of brown that looked at me
Like he thought I was an idol
Showed his trust and faith in me.
Stubby tail that wagged "Hello, there!"
Every time he heard my step
Fitted his mood right in with my moods-
Quiet, or a lot of pep.
Ears that gracefully extended
Quite a ways towards the ground-
Chasing after balls; retrieving
Anything he found around
Gentle always with the children
As he grew from puppy hood
Into just the kind of dog folks
Liked throughout the neighbourhood.
I'm a hunter and I love it,
So did that first cocker pup-
Didn't really have time to train him,
He just seemed to pick it up.
Years have passed, but still that puppy
In my heart has left his trace,
For every time I lose a cocker
Another one must take its place.