Mullins Marty of Slowcoach (Basil), is a beautiful traditional proven small type cocker, solid choc/liver (no white patches) and produces solids colours on a regular basis so far has produced Chocolates, Blacks, Golds, Lemons and roans. Baz is also fully health tested DNA: FN Clear DNA: prcd PRA Clear. Baz has proved to produce superb small type pups for working, trialling & exceptionally quick agility dogs and also has off spring in Europe running for major titles. Baz is a Powerful, fast, hard hunting very intelligent son of FTCH Maesydderwen Spartan whose parents were the famous most proponent male and female in the country of their time (FTCh Maesydderwen Scimitar & FTCh Priorsmeadow Dancer). Baz has superb temperament and is very affectionate with the ladies which constitutes the fact he has 100% success rate on all his matings to date and will not let you down. Excellent pedigree with 49 FTChs and FTWs. His lines mostly consist of Maesydderwen. Please Contact 07588 999 007 or email martin@felsteadgundogs.com  (Based in Essex)     


Breezybrook Wonky is by OFTW Fenlord Tonto and out of FTW Breezybrook Frolic. He is grandson to Breezybrook Trouper and has Trouper’s drive! He is a flashy mover, who is really quick over the ground and he also relishes heavy cover. Wonky (so named as he only has one ear flap after Frolic Accidentally bit it when he was born) has proved to be a popular sire to agility dogs because of his small size and great speed. He only weighs 10kg. He is a winner of the only Gundog Working Test that he has competed in. Wonky has passed the Kennel Club Gundog Working Certificate. Eye Tested: CPRA Clear, GPRA Clear, GONIOSCOPY Clear. DNA Tested Clear for Prcd-PRA, FN and also AMS. Tel: 01234 709491 / 07788 808180. Based in Bedfordshire. EmaiL: mail@breezybrookgundogs.co.uk  Based in Bedfordshire. Email: mail@breezybrookgundogs.co.uk    


Kenmillix Magical Fudge of Breezybrook (Harry) is a chocolate & tan working cocker who is a grandson of FTCh Sandford Black Mamba. He is a proven stud dog and has sired pups of various colours, in fact he carries all solid colours including golden, all roan colours, parti-colour and Tan Point. Harry is a complete athlete and is the hardest working dog I have known. He is a strong powerful dog and can retrieve geese with ease. He is completely sound in every way and never misses a days picking up. Harry was the Winner at Crufts 2013 of the Gamekeepers Any Variety Sporting Spaniel. All this coupled with a super temperament. Harry has been DNA tested CLEAR for prcd-PRA, FN and AMS.  Tel:01234 709491 / 07788 808180. Based in Bedfordshire. Email: mail@breezybrookgundogs.co.uk 


Proven FTCH sired Liver & Tan working cocker at stud. Sired by championship winner FTCH Moelfamau Griffon, very small type stunning dog, so best suited to small bitches. Hard hunter, yet totally honest and a excellent retriever with great temperament. Exceptional pedigree which also includes FTCH Argyll Warrior, FTCH Maesydderwen Scimitar and FTCH Orgest Yfwr to name a few. FN, PRA and AMS clear. Based in West Yorkshire. Stud fee £250. For more information call 07765094848 or email wernmoorcockers@hotmail.com       


Midwayview Mystic Moss of Cedarose (Moss). He is by Timsgarry Mawgan at Cedarose & FTCH Chyknell Gold Finch. Moss is a fast, stylish dog who crashes through any cover & he's also a keen retriever. He has a Clear BVA eye test including Gonioscopy & is DNA tested clear for bot FN & prcd-PRA and AMS clear. He has an excellent temperament & is very biddable. Moss has produced Black, gold, liver & roan pups. We are based in Suffolk for more info either contact Michelle on 07792639104 or email: cedarose@hotmail.co.uk .


Tigh Na Collie Laddie (Toby) is mature, intelligent, healthy, gentle & stud-proven (Average litters of  6.3 pups with mature bitches & 2.1 with maidens). He's sire to Coral, a puppy diva in the BBC series & Sarah Whitehead book: “The secret life of puppies”. He's DNA tested & not a carrier of the two main genetic weaknesses. He has a handsome, shiny red-golden coat & white star, stands 40cm at the shoulder & weighs 19Kg. With eighteen FTCH in his pedigree, he's a keen & fast worker with stamina, style and good manners: obedient, keeps eye contact, staying within shot-gun range & working rough cover. As a family pet, he's a clean & quiet, alert, loving, full of fun, sociable & with no annoying habits. Contact 07 564 550 596 or email timchapmaninuk@gmail.com . Based in Lincs, near A1.  


Naxshivan Vice of Minterburn is now available at Stud. A smaller type proven cocker. He is very lean, fast & stylish. Gentle & affectionate with a lovely temperament. He is prcd-PRA & FN hereditarily clear, also AMS clear and holds a current clear eye certificate including Gonioscopy. His sire is Mallowdale Pope of Naxshivan out of FTCH Dardnell Dealer & FTCH Mallowdale Olga His dam is Bournepark Azzura of Druimmuir out of FTCH Maesydderwen Spartan Based in Bedfordshire Tel: 01525 873111 / 07885 317530 email: info@minterburngundogs.co.uk  


FTAW Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook. Sandy is a chocolate & tan dog sired by Championship Winner FTCh Chyknell Gold Star and is out of FTCh Chyknell Iris. He has a promising trial career ahead of him and was Guns Choice every time last season. A hard hunting dog with plenty of style, he is a real bramble basher. A proven stud dog, Sandy is extremely agile and jumps fences for fun, he would make a good sire to agility dogs. So far he has sired pups of the following colours: choc & tan, black & tan, golden, red, chocolate, black, orange roan, blue roan, black & white. Sandy has been health tested Clear for CPRA and GPRA. DNA tested Clear for prcd-PRA, FN and AMS. Tel: 01234 709491 / 07788 808180.. Based in Bedfordshire. Email: mail@breezybrookgundogs.co.uk     


Jake is a handsome Blue Roan Working Cocker Spaniel. He is very fast and powerful and has been called by various gundog trainers " A Hunting Machine" He has a superb temperament and is very intelligent. He has excellent conformation and shows great potential lines on Sires side FTCh Parkbreck Jake, FTCh Wernffrwd Dai Bach, FTCh Zelda of Cadboll and on the Dams side FTCh Bournepark Bobbin, FTCh Wernffrwd Pawn. He has been fully health tested DNA/FN clear, DNA/prcd PRA clear Eye and Adnexa examination clear and his hip score he passed with a score of 9. He is a Kennel Club Assured dog. For all enquiries contact owner on 01398 323128 or 07885 185553 . (Based on the Devon/Somerset border)


Hanscombe Moonbeam of Morfasso (Alfie)... PRA-prcd FN & BVA Eye Pass Clear. Alfie is an absolute Gem of a Dog whether he is on the peg, Beating or picking up he never fails to please. Did a WGC at 11 months and never put a foot a wrong. Alfie has sired many litters and been one of our most popular stud dogs because of his working ability and his nature. Alfie Carries Roan gene and also a Tan. His pedigree is an old type pedigree some of the old traditional line. His is the sire to Morfasso Massimo (Hank) Contact Mandy. Tel 07986 850 178 / 01243 555 238 or email mandy@morfassogundogs.co.uk   Based in West Sussex 


Morfasso Massimo (Hank) prcd-PRA Clear, FN Clear, AMS Clear, BVA Eye Screen Clear. Bred by us his Dam is Wetlands Snowflake out FTCH Wetlands Abe & FTCH Wetlands Holly. Sire Hanscombe Moonbeam of Morfasso. Proving very popular at stud producing all colours solids and roan. People have travelled from Europe to use him at Stud. A major part of our working team he is a real pleasure to have around a very quiet biddable little dog with a gentle kind nature. He is used in the line, picking up and loves nothing more than to sit on the peg on a shoot day. Based in West Sussex please contact Mandy. Tel 07986 850 178 / 01243 555 238 or email mandy@morfassogundogs.co.uk 



Belgariad Kilby’s Lad of Foxerfleet –Baxter is a very handsome little dog with the sweetest loving nature, partial to a cuddle and just loves being at home with his family, commonly known as slug due to his laid back nature; until you get him out on a shoot where he is a very useful and versatile all-rounder. The Baxter we know at home is a very different dog to the one we see on shoots. He is animated, enthusiastic; more than happy to join the beating team where he is a tenacious flushing dog, but shows a good amount of control and steadiness when picking up. He has a solid working pedigree and has already produced some fabulous puppies. He is hereditary PRA and FN clear and has a clear eye test and AMS clear. If you are interested in meeting Baxter drop me an e-mail kaylindars@gmail.com  or phone me on 07780 638976. We are located in South Hampshire.     


Fineview Extrovert at Bryntail, Taffy is a compact boy of mid size producing many colours and carrying the roan and tan gene.
Health tested clear for PRA, FN and AMS, he has a fantastic temperament and is extremely patient with maiden bitches, a real kind gentle lad.taffy barely misses a days picking up and is a must when sweeping thru, a genuine thorough hunter with stamina to match. email: taffy.mills@yahoo.co.uk 07976213944
Area Wales       


Countryways Mischief. (Sire FTCH Glenugie’s Capella) standing at stud. Assured, KC registered liver dog. Proven at stud and sired litters of multi colours. All health tests up to date CLEAR of prcd – PRA, Fn and AMS. DNA tested. CLEAR BVA and Gonioscopy annual Eye test. A strong, hard working dog with pace. Excellent temperament, very biddable dog. Based in the Avon/Gloucestershire area. Contact Barry 07773332467. Email Barry.hutchinson@brynovationgundogs.co.uk For more details      


BUSTERS LAST SURPRISE (Bailey) is a handsome proven stud dog . He is the grandson of FTCH Whaupley Reiver and FTCH Timsgarry Simpson .He is a quick little mover over ground and relishes heavy cover and is a great accent in the beating line. Bailey has produced solid colours , infact he carries the dark red gene . Bailey is fully health tested DNA FN clear : prcd PRA clear. Bailey has excellent temperament and is very affectionate with the ladies he has a 100/ success rate on all is matings to date For more information please get in touch 07852 221626 beverleylyne@gmail.com Area South Yorkshire      


BUCK AT RED DAWN (BUCK) is a beautiful proven dark red cocker spaniel stud dog ,and has sired pups of various solid colours including chocolate and red intact he carries the all solid colour of dark red gene . Buck is fully health tested DNA:FN clear DNA: prcd PRA clear . Buck is a strong muscular dog with a steady gentle nature and is a major part of our beating team he will go through any cover with ease. Buck is a very loyal and affectionate dog with the sweetest of natures he has produced some very large litters and has a 100 / success rate on all matings to date. For more information please get in touch 07852 221 626 beverleylyne@gmail.com Area South Yorkshire      


Proven KC registered WCS - Facebook: Thornton - Glanhowy Nimrod. Sire FTCh Bishwell Barcud. Perfect health, clear of genetic conditions. DNA tested clear for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) , FN (Familial Nephropathy) , AON (Adult Onset Neuropathy) by Laboklin UK. AMS (Acral Mutilation Syndrome) by Antagene, he’ll never pass mutated genes. Has current BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Certificate. Certificates on request. 39 GB FTChs (inc Argyll Warrior & Maesydderwen Scimitar) in his pedigree! Temperament is classic Cocker Spaniel – gentle, affectionate, but full of life. He’s been Pheasant & Duck beating 8 times in 2017/18 season and is very work focused. Shows no fear of heavy cover when working, He has the stamina to flush all day without losing energy or enthusiasm. Doing well in both Agility & Obedience training. Bristol based, happy to meet for local walk first. Contact: Debbiecook@blueyonder.co.uk  Tel: 07714133286 


Ninja is a proven young working golden and white cocker spaniel. (Misselchalke Jedi) D.O.B. 29/07/2015 He is fully health tested. Current Clear Eye Certificate. 28/12/16BVA GPRA/ CPRA , Gonio unaffected, DNA tested clear for AMS, DNA tested clear for prcd - PRA DNA tested clear for Familial Nephropathy (FN) / Hereditary Nephropathy Hip Score 4/6 = 10 Elbow Score 0 His pedigree contains Champions past and present including. FTCh Moonstar, FTCh Tudorbriar Moonwarrior, FTCh Mynddmawr Sasha, FTCh Danderw Druid, FTCh Randalyn Black Jazz plus many more. A honest working companion who has been out on several shoot days this season. Loyal, biddable and very keen to please. Ninja is a fast stylish working cocker spaniel stud dog.During the coming year he will be entered in working tests with potential to trial. As yet unproven. I am willing to discuss special terms for his first mating. We are based in Hampshire 07881802306 e mail is sylvia.mahal@btinternet.com   


CLAYCLATTER SEA EAGLE (CLAY) is a stunning blue roan working cocker (Carries all Colours). He is small type, fast, kind and fun – an amazing temperament. A proven stud dog, Clay is extremely agile and would make a good sire to agility dogs. So far he has sired pups of the following colours: blue roan, orange roan, orange & white, black & white and liver & white. Clay has been health tested as follows: PRA clear, Hip scored, AMS clear, FN clear. Excellent pedigree with FTChs - his lines consist of Maesydderwen, Wetlands, Priorsmeadow and Rowston. Based in Devon, Tel: 07734130512 or email: lauren154@hotmail.co.uk       


CROOKHILL CHINK (SCOUT) a proven stud dog producing numerous colours including liver, chocolate & tan, chocolate white & tan, black, black white & tan, black & tan and golden. He is small type, as are his pups, and he is one of the fastest and smartest dogs we have ever worked. A FTW with an excellent pedigree including many FTChs. Scout is a lovely small type dog with great drive and temperament. Health tested as follows: AMS, PRA & FN Clear. He has also had hips and knees tested and checked. He is a very well put together dog with drive and ability. Based in Devon, Tel: 07734130512 or email: lauren154@hotmail.co.uk     


AT STUD!! Bracken ( Austringer Bellamy ) Son of Argyll Warrior Grandson of Maesydderwen Scimitar Bracken is a very good all rounder and worked all year long weather it be :- Rough shooting Sitting in the hide pigeon shooting Beating Picking up Working under the Goshawks or Falcon Or just keeping up with obedience/cold game and dummy training He's a very biddable dog and always wants to please, his nose and hunting drive is second to none and will work in any cover you put in front of him. Bracken is a good solid stamp of a dog and very well built @ 19kg Tests :-AMS- clear, FN- clear none carrier, Prcd-PRA- clear none carrier, KC/BVA/ISDS - clear GB BVA GPRA/CPRA- clear Please PM for further details Call 07585440253 Email MarkBellamy.243@Gmail.com      


SAMSIR ROGUE (SIMBA) is a stunning golden working cocker spaniel. A small, kind, fast male who is PRA, FN, AMS, hip, knee and temperament tested. The sweetest male who lives to please and retrieve. Quiet and gentle, yet fast and work driven – would work until he dropped. Simba oozes style and worth ethic. He loves people, dogs and lives life to the full . Based in Devon, Tel 07734130512 or email lauren154@hotmail.co.uk      


Tudorbriar Black Hawk born 27.05.15 is a handsome, loving and loyal dog. He is a gorgeous family dog as well as enjoying anything gundog! Whilst at home he is quiet and relaxed and when out he is steady, intelligent and has an excellent temperament. He is proven and produces large litters of solid black, liver and golden pups(Sometimes with a white chest flash). He is AMS and FN clear, PCRD and PRA clear and fully eye tested including gonioscopy clear. email: teamwv2@outlook.com  0r mobile: 07721045989 Area Southampton     


Bradleycourt Firework Boy of Woodruff Harry liver & tan, Harry was born to work & work & work .... as long as Harry is on the move he is happy, he ius an extremely focused guy whether it be a canvas dummy or live game he would retrieve 24/7 dam Bradleycourt Mika sire Timsgarry Wallis ,Harry has many Timsgarry FTChs in his pedigree, he is pra,fn &ams clearholds a clear eye certificate plus gonioscopy clear.Harry is throwing solid blacks, golds & liver & tan pups. Contact Julie on 07719670602, julie.elborough123@btinternet.com  Area West Sussex       


Woodruff Rebel - Rebel is our first homebred cocker his dam is Belgarid Quane Portia of Woodruff sire is Leawyn Loriol from Casblaidd, Rebel has many famous Timsgarry & Maesydderwen FTChs in his pedigree he is pra,fn & ams clear along with holding a clear eye certificate & gonioscopy clear at only 16 months he is proving to be a valuable member of our picking up team, no task is to small for Rebel as long as he is working & pleasing you Rebel is happy, a very kind soft natured young man. For more info on Rebel contact Julie 07719670602, julie.elborough123@btinternet.com  Area West Sussex     


Tarrantvale Mint at Rapidgold: Zest is a strong built, busy lad always with nose to the ground. He is steady to the gun and very keen to please. Working tests and aim to trial, Zest has a high standard of training. First season this year and proving to be a real asset on the beating line. A real bramble brasher! Great with other dogs and just aims to please. Lovely temperament just adores affection. Old Wintonwildfowl lines producing his rare colouring & with 30 years of strong Jackalantern lines this boy has loads or potential. FTCH Maesydderwen Sorcerer, FTCH Timsgarry Simpson, FTCH Argyll Chiefton to name a few. Zest is hereditary clear for PRA/PRCD, FN & AMS, he also has a clear BVA and GONIO eye test. Dna profiled and MARS tested 100% pure cocker. He has had patella test Dec 19th and is 0/0. Owned by assured breeder, approved bitches will be identified by microchip, no chip = no mating. Jaquig123@hotmail.co.uk  07761355142      


Available for Stud, “Craiwarn Verdi” aka “The Bear” my 3 yr old Working Cocker Spaniel. Bear is a great all round shooting dog, beating, picking up & excels at walk up / rough shooting day, recently gaining his WGC on Live Game. He is an incredibly fast, agile and strong dog for his size (short leg & c.12kg), an honest worker with great drive, stamina, hunting through cover crop, heavy bramble and retrieving in water. We also regularly attend trial training days (Live & Canvas) and hope to compete in the near future. He has an adorable temperament, lives in house & an all-round charmer! Prcd-PRA, FN & AMS & Glaucoma Clear. If you have any questions, queries or would like me meet in person please contact me 07828765147 dannymr3@hotmail.com  Bedford area 


BRECKSEND NODDING THISTLE AT BRAVESHOT Works as a beating dog during shooting season, as well as picking up when asked by the gamekeepers. Logan is a confident worker and always willing to please. he has had the following health tested and we are pleased to say they have all came back clear- DNA AMS/DNA FN/DNA PRA, BVA  EYE SCREEN AND GONIOSCOPY.As well as his gundog work we also compete in agility and are currently grade 2. Logan has sired puppies of black, black/tan, black/white and also carries chocolate and gold. Stud fee will apply Studding to approved cocker spaniels. 07543807611 or loganwcsdemos@yahoo.co.uk  Area Suffolk      


FTCH EQUINECHO SPECIAL TRIBUTE (12/06/2012) is an all-black, handsome, athletic cocker who is an exceptional hunter and game finder. He is fast and stylish and able to adapt his hunting pattern to any terrain, or wind conditions, proven by open field trial awards (also qualified for the last 2 season's British Cocker Championships) in both upland rabbit trials, as well as on woodcock, pheasant and partridge in woodland, bracken or white grass over the last 3 seasons. He particularly excels in bramble. His ability to mark and follow a line on wounded game, coupled with a natural readiness to handle means he retrieves like a Labrador, rather than a Spaniel. He has a current clear BVA eye test (March 2018) and is hereditary clear of AMS, FN and prcd-PRA. Enquiries to lesleyeyoung@gmail.com . He is based near Newmarket, Suffolk.    


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