British Cocker Championship Winners  From 1925-To the Present

British Springer Championship Winners  From 1913-To the Present

The English Springer Spaniel Championship 2016

Thursday 21st Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd January 2016

Stowell Park Estate, Gloucestershire.
By kind permission of Lord and Lady Vestey

JUDGES: Will Clulee (2029) Tim Crothers (1958) Jeremy Organ (2063)
and Jeff Rayner (1397) Reserve Judge: Wesley Thomas (2889)


Winner - Int FTCh Sliabh Treasure - Owner/Handler: Louis Rice
2nd -
FTCh Dawsonlee Domino - Owner/Handler: Richard Wells
3rd -
FTCh Lisgarvagh Verde - Owner/Handler: Maria Callagher
4th -
Pitrahh Dirty Angie - Owner/Handler: Richard Wells

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

Surefly Sassy - Owner/Handler: Terri Siwek
5. FTCh Broomfield Annie - Owner/Handler: Eddie Scott
FTCh Rheastmooar Fizzy - Owner/Handler: Jon Bailey
Moonreed Amethyst - Owner/Handler: Mark Light
FTCh Springervill Rosie Girl - Owner/Handler: Chris Thurston-Woolnough
Int FTCh Hollydrive Sally - Owner/Handler: - Handler: Mick Walsh
FTCh Rothievale Larch : Owner/Handler: Jim Adamson
27. FTCh Churchview Chimes - Owner/Handler: Jon Bailey
FTCh Helmsway Heath - Owner/Handler: Andrew Bennett
FTCh Balmuir Skylark - Owner/Handler: Michael Huitson
Bucklawren Krusoe - Owner/Handler: Simon Jones
FTCh Kilhopemoss Mafioso - Owner/Handler: Mark Whitehouse
FTCh Kilhopemoss Minder - Owner/Handler: Andrew Cunningham  (Also Guns Choice)
FTCh Bucklawren Brodie - Owner/Handler: Simon Jones
FTCh Buccleuch Honey - Owner/Handler: Duke of Buccleuch
Bryngwrhyd Bruno - Owner/Handler: D Dugay (Also Best Newcomer)
FTCh Biteabout Conquest of Wrenmarsh - Owner/Handler: Mark Watson  (Also Best Dog)
FTCh Marshwood Rhona of Carkees- Owner/Handler: Margaret Cox
FTCh Bishwell Black Magic of Breckmarsh - Owner/Handler: Lee Cooper
Edwardiana Minstral of Halwin Ryston - Owner/Handler: Mike Hoskins
FTCh Murrayeden Apollo of Nederscot  - Owner/Handler: Eric & Jane Smith

The 86th Cocker Spaniel Championship Jan 2016 Result

Dunira Estate, Perthshire by kind permission of the Enngaard Family on Tuesday 12 & Wednesday 13 January 2016

Judges:- Mr David Anderson (1937), Mr Will Clulee (2029), Mr Roy Ellershaw (2766) and Mr Mark Whitehouse (2397)

1st) Mr R Preest --- FTCh Centrewalk Sweep
2nd) Mr A Robinson---FTCh Meadowsedge Shooting Star
3rd) Mr J Heeley--- FTCh Mallowdale Georgi handled by Mr I Openshaw
4th) Mr & Mrs M Wills---- Priorsmeadow Shina handled by Mr S Morgan

Diploma of merit:
5. Mr Ian English--- FTCh Broadmeafarm Beau
18. Mr P Avery------ Deepfleet Decus & Guns Choice
21. Mr S Winspear----- Kiltonbeck Cooper
27. Mr I Openshaw----- Mallowdale Euro handled by Mrs W Openshaw
29. Mr J Lascelles -----Misselchalke Frantic

The 2015/16 Irish AV Spaniel Championships

 I.K.C  A.V. Spaniel Championship will be held on the 18th and 19th December 2015

 Ilaun Mor, Lough Derg, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Ireland

Judges: Mr Dermot Dunne & Mr Dermot Cahill
Referee: Mr Mark Stewart.

1st)Mr Barry Caffery's ---FTCh Anninn Thunderbolt
2nd Mr Ian Blair's ---Clodahill Nolfer of Carnteel
3rd) Mr Louis Rice's ---FTCh Sliabh Cushla
4th) Mr David Maher's ---Bridge Abbey Poppy

Diploma of merit:
Mr Tommy White's -- Bess So Smart
Mr Adrian Dorris's -- Clodahill Pele
Mr Jamie Cahill's ---FTCh Clodahill Neil
Mr Paul Cassidy's--- Bryngwrhyd Mulberry
Mr Fintan Kelly's--- SNR FTCh Bramley Girl
Mr James Casey's--- FTCh Blarck Guard Ivy
Best Retrieve : Mr M Rasmussen's DK ---FTCh Bruncranna Flyer of Blackmoor

The 83rd Cocker Spaniel Championship Results January 2015

The 2015 Cocker Spaniel Championship took place on :-

Harvington Shoot in Worcestershire, Byrds Retreat,

Worcestershire, WR11 4UG
by kind permission of Mr R & Mrs S Byrd

Judges:-Mr Peter Jones (1981) Mr David Lisett (2581)
Mr Nick Gregory (3007) Mr Stuart Morgan (2725)

Winner: Mr I Openshaw with Mallowdale Xfactor
2nd: Mr E Scott with Chyknell Golden Eagle
3rd: Mr I English with FTCh Broadmefarm Beau
4th: Ms J Menzies with FTCh Gournaycourt Ginger handled by Mr J Bailey

Guns’ Choice: Ms N Cannon with FTCh Countryways Alice of Craiwarn

Diplomas of Merit were awarded to

Mr D Rayner with FTCh Woodash Quaver
Mr & Mrs O'Neill with Drumnascamp Abbey of Keredean handled by Mr J Bailey
Mr J McAndrew withTynywaun Mint
Mr J R Heely with FTCh Mallowdale Georgi handled by Mr I Openshaw
Mr R James with Rowston Spikey Aderyngi
Mr I Wilson with FTCh Ribbleshead Alex
Mr P Avery with Langafel Summertime of Deepfleet
Miss K Ward with FTCh Glenugie's Heather of Murrayeden handled by Mr A Skinner
Mr R Preest with FTCh Centrewalk Sweep
Mr A Shotton with FTCh Rowston Snooty handled by Mr W Clulee
Mr R Preest with Centrewalk Piccolo
Mr G West with FTCh Wetlands Spice of Leeglen
Mr A Kirk with Pinsark Roberta
Ms N Cannon with FTCh Countryways Alice of Craiwarn


The 85th Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2015

 8th, 9th & 10th of January 2015 at Thirlestane Estate, Lauder, Scotland,

by kind permission of Mr A W Young, Mr W Young and Eskdale Shooting Services.

The Judges are: Mr Will Clulee (2029), Mr Ben Randall (2797), Mr Andrew Cunningham (2660) & Mr William Megaughin (2058)

1st John Bailey with Rheastmooar Fizzy
2nd Ian Openshaw with Int FTCh Hollydrive Theo
3rd Ian English with FTCh Helmsway Hope
4th Ben Watkins with FTCh Simonside Doris of Laysan

Diplomas of Merit were awarded to

John Howden with Caulliechat Primrose Also Guns Choice
Eric Smith with FTCh Nederscot Eirwen
Ian Openshaw with Int FTCh Hollydrive Kurt
Rob Allum with Wrenmarsh Melody
Andy Bennett with FTCh Helmsway Henry
Barry Faley with Goodspeed Warrior Also Best Newcomer
Louis Rice with Int FTCh Sliabh Treasure
Alec Coutts with FTCh Wyndhill Brett of Stagsden
Eddie Scott with FTCh Broomfield Dee
Michael Huitson with FTCh Balmuir Skylark
Matt Armstrong with Vysjkan Joe
Stuart Morgan with Bishwell Beebop
Dave Templar with FTCh Brynfedi Adel of Countryways
Eric Smith with Murrayeden Apollo of Nederscot

The 2014/15 Irish AV Spaniel Championships

 will take place on the 22nd and 23rd December at Glenarm Estate,

Ballymena, Co. Antrim by kind permission of Lord Dunluce.

Judges: Norman Blakeney and Damien Kelly.

Winner - J Heely's Mallowdale Midge handled by I. Openshaw.
2nd Place - B. Caffery's Gortnacor Daffodil.
3rd Place - I. Blair's Clodahill Nofler of Carnteel
4th Place - I. Openshaw's INT FTCh Holydrive Kurt

Diploma of Merit:
T. Crothers Scroggwood Cobber.
E. Scott FTCh Broomfield Rosetta.
M. Stewart's Broomfield Bayamo.
E. Smith's FTCh Nederscot Eirwen.
J. Adamson's Rothievale Larch.
S. Morgan's Bishwell Beebop.
E. Scott's FTCh Broomfield Annie.

The 82nd Cocker Spaniel Championship January 2014

The 2014 Cocker Spaniel Championship will take place on Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 January 2014
at Queensberry Estate, Dumfries & Galloway, DG3 4AQ
By gracious permission of The Duke of Buccleuch

Headquarters Hotel:
Friars Carse Country House Hotel, Auldgirth, Dumfries, DG2 0SA

Judges:-Mr S Bolton (2025) Mr D Rayner (2771)
Mr A Cunningham (2660) Mr S Russell (2765)

Winner : FTCh Brook Furlong of Tiptopjack  - I. Openshaw

2nd Broadmeafarm Beau – I. English

3rd FTCh Rowston Snooty – W. Clulee

4th FTCh Tiptopjack Sixpence – I. Openshaw

Guns Choice:- FTCh Tiptopjack Sixpence – I. Openshaw

 Diploma's of Merit went to :-

2. Chyknell Eagle - Owner- Handler: Mr H. Kirby - Handler: Carl Colclough
FTCh Tudorbriar Moonstar - Owner/Handler: Mr N. Gregory
Glenugies Heather of Murrayeden - Owner: Miss K. Ward - Handler: A. Skinner
12. Centrewalk
Moonshell  - Owner/Handler: Mr R. Preest
Jess of Misty Valley - Owner/Handler: - Handler: Mr N. Thomas
Rowston Spikey Aderyngi - Owner: Owner/Handler: Mr R.D. James
20. FTCh Heolybwlch Fatty - Owner/Handler: Mr.B. Randell
Mallowdale Music of Tiptopjack - Owner: Mr N. Partiss - Handler: Mr I Openshaw
Voodoo Black Widow
- Owner/Handler: Mr N. Gregory
Winhocklin Single Star of Tiptopjack - Owner: Mr N. Partiss - Handler: Mr I Openshaw
Naxshivans Honesty - Owner/Handler: Mr J.Atkinson
Nantsannan Calpurnia of Dolbrenin  - Owner/Handler: Mr J. Davies
Chyknell Dove - Owner/Handler: Mrs W.Openshaw

The 84th Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2014

Dunira Estate, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland. PH6 2LA
By kind permission of Enggaard Family
DATE: Thursday 9th Friday 10th & Saturday 11th January 2014

JUDGES: Mr J Clark (2439) Mr S Tyers (1685)
Mr W Leonard (2461) Mr G Veasey (2753)

Winner - FTCh Helmsway Heath - Owner/Handler: Andy Bennett
2nd - FTCh Broomfield Annie - Owner/Handler: Eddie Scott
3rd - FTCh Dawsonlee Domino - Owner: Owner/Handler: Richard Wells
4th - FTCh Helmsway Hope - Owner/Handler: Ian English

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

2. FTCh Buccleuch Jazz - Owner/Handler: David Lissett
14. FTCh Broomfield Rosetta - Owner/Handler: Eddie Scott
24. FTCh Hollydrive Kurt - Owner/Handler:  Ian Openshaw
28. FTCh McGwyn Dealus  - Owner/Handler: Willie Edgar
36. FTCh Wyndhill Lena - Owner/Handler: - Handler: Jim O'Neill
46. Moonreed Bandit - Owner: Owner/Handler:
Peter Avery
55. Cowanecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove - Owner/Handler: Tom Phillips

The 2013/14 Irish AV Spaniel Championships

The 38th I.K.C  A.V. Spaniel Championship will be held on the 27th and 28th December 2013

at Shanes Castle Estate, Co. Antrim

by permission of the Rt. Hon. Shane O'Neill.


The 2012/13 Cocker Spaniel Championship will take place on the 16 and 17 January 2013
at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk,
by gracious permission of Her Majesty the Queen.

Judges: Mr W Leonard, Mr D Lloyd, Mr A Robinson, Mr J M Taylor Reserve Judge: Mr R Tozer

Winner : FTCh Moel Famau Griffon - W. Clulee

2nd Voodoo Black Widow – N. Gregory

3rd FTCh Tudorbriar Moonwarrior – I. Openshaw

4th FTCh Lockslane Archibald – D. Lee

Guns Choice:- 9. FTCH Brook Furlong of Tip Top Jack - I Openshaw

 Diploma's of Merit went to :-

1. FTCH Mallowdale Maggie - S Dixon
3. Centrewalk Moonshell - R Preest
6. FTCH Winhocklin Single Star of Tip Top Jack - I Openshaw
7. Tudorbriar Moonstar - N Gregory
9. FTCH Brook Furlong of Tip Top Jack - I Openshaw
12. FTCH Tip Top Jack Sixpence  - W Openshaw
15. Tip Top Jack Dime - I Openshaw
17. FTCH Gournaycourt Ginger - J Bailey
18. FTCH Mallowdale Midge  - I Openshaw
25. Millden Slipper - J Thompson
28. Fenlord Dancing Queen - R Laud
29. Mallowdale Music of Tip Top Jack - N Partiss
30. FTCH Wetlands Spice of Leeglen - G West
32. Jess of Misty Valley - N Thomas
35. Chyknell Heidi - J. Shotton

The 83rd Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2013

The 2012/13 English Springer Spaniel Championship will take place on the
10,11,12 January 2013 at Buccleuch Estates, Thornhill, Scotland
 by kind invitation of his Grace, the Duke of Buccleuch.

Judges: Mr A Slater, Mr G Ford, Mr I Wilson and Mr R Young

Winner - FTCh Broomfield Rosetta - Owner/Handler: Eddie Scott
2nd - FTCh Doncaster Star - Owner/Handler: Andy Whitehouse
3rd - FTCh Buccleuch Jazz - Owner: The Duke of Buccleuch - Handler: David Lisett
4th - FTCh Rosebay Fantasy - Owner/Handler: Aubrey Ladyman

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

4. Cheweky Gritsand of Glenfia - Owner/Handler: Anthony Morris
8. FTCh Kidnais Successor - Owner/Handler: Ian Clarke
9. Aine’s In The Pink - Owner/Handler: Robin Patterson
11. FTCh Syncerus Sally - Owner/Handler: Mr G Devine-Jones
13. FTCh Badger of the Valley - Owner/Handler: Gary Veasey
21. FTCh Churchview Abs - Owner: Mr T Frost - Handler: Jon Bailey
27. FTCh Shalloakwest Stag - Owner: Mr A Ross - Handler: Mr G Ross
(Also Best Newcomer)
32. Broomfield Annie - Owner/Handler: Eddie Scott
36. FTCh Morfudd Mungo - Owner/Handler: Gerry Meehan
37. FTCh Takmadoon Hazel of Stagsden - Owner/Handler: Alex Coutts
43. FTCh McGwyn Dealus - Owner/Handler: Willie Edgar
44. FTCh Bryngwrhyd Eira - Owner/Handler: Dai Lloyd
47. FTCh Wyndhill Brett of Stagsden - Owner/Handler: Alex Coutts
48. INT FTCh Skronedale Romulus - Owner/Handler: Des Donnelly (Also Best Dog)

The Irish AV Spaniel Championships Dec 2012 / 2013

 Glenarm Estate, Co Antrim, Ireland
on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th December 2012.

Judges: Tim Crothers and David Lisett.

Winner of Irish Spaniel Championship
Mr D Donnelly's Int FTCh Skronedale Romulus
2nd Mr L Rice's Sliabh Treasure
3rd Mr E Scott's FTCh Broomfield Rosetta
4th Mr J Organ's FTCH Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove


To be held at Conholt Estate, Near Andover, Hampshire
By kind permission of The Van Vlissingen Family
Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th January 2012.

Judges : Alec Coutts (1956) Ian Flint (2682) Adrian Slater (2364) Steve Wanstall (1723)

A Fantastic achievement for Ben Randall and FTCh Heolybwlch Fatty as only four other dogs throughout Cocker Championship history have ever gained back to back Championship winners with the same dog and same handler, the last was 35 years ago. You can see all winners here

1st FTCh Heolybwich Fatty – B Randall –  Owner: B Randall

2nd FTCh Chyknell Iris – J. Shotton – Ian Openshaw

3rd FTCh Winhocklin Single Star of Tip Top Jack – I. Openshaw

4th FTCh Gournaycourt Ginger – J. Bailey

Guns Choice:- Tiptop jack Sixpence - W.Openshaw

 Diploma's of Merit went to :-

FTCh Wetlands Spice of Leeglen - Mr G. West
FTCh Rowston Serana - Mr D. Ormond
FTCh Poolgreen Farlow Ben - Mr W. Clulee
FTCh Chyknell Hidie - Mr J. Shotton
FTCh Mallowdale Midge - Mr I. Openshaw
FTCh Kingcott Eclipse - Mr R. Claydon
FTCh Lockslane Archibald - Mr W. Clulee
Tiptop jack Dime - Mr I. Openshaw
Tiptop jack Sixpence - Mrs W.Openshaw
Trochry Ceili Mor of Howesyke - Mr J.F. Luxford

The 82nd Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2012

To be held at Wormgay, Norfolk
(by kind permission by Mr Ian Symington)
Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th January 2012.

Judges: Mr K. Carter (1945) Mr I. Openshaw (102) Mr I. Flint (2682) Mr J.Bailey (1938)

1st FTCh Doncaster Star  – A. Whitehouse

2nd FTCH Broomfield Rosie – E. Scott

3rd FTCh Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways  –  D. Templar

4th FTCh Buccleuch Jazz – Duke of Buccleuch

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

FTCh Woodash Ignition - Mr D Rayner
FTCh Rytex Rhino - Mr J Potter
Glanhowy Peach Melba - Mr A Badger
FTCh Badger of the Valley - Mr G Veasey
Helmsway Halo - Mr I English
Halaze Oh Boy of Woodash - Mr D Rayner
FTCh Beggarbush Poppit - Mr B Randall
Finno Sam of Rowansbourne - Mr R Bramwell
Int FTCh Skronedale Romulus - Mr D Donnelly
Minscafell Blossom - Mr A Platt
FTCh Rosebay Camille - Mr A Ladyman
Regal Quest - Mr A Patterson
Edwardiana Blossom - Mr J Edwards

The Irish AV Spaniel Championship Dec 2011 / 2012

1st - FTCh Countryways Judy of Sliabh - Mr J Bailey
2nd place -
Wyndhill Shona of Sliabh - Mr B McGraham
3rd place -
Clodahill Ian - Mr D Kelly
4th place -
Badger of the Valley - Mr G Veasay

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

Mr S Morgan's Maesydderwen Saucey
Mr Wm Edgar's McGwyn Deallus
Mr A Symth's Glennsekin Dusty
Mr B McCartan's Int FTCh Clodahill Demi
Mr A Cunningham's Buccleuch Heaven
Mr T McCann's Salamere Finn
Mr P J Davitt's Whitehope Euro
Mr S Moriarty's Tearsol Flash


To be held at Buccleuch Queensbury Estates, Drumlanrig Mains, Dumfries
By kind permission of The Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st January 2010.

Judges :Jonathon Bailey (1938) S.Pearson (2067) David Chudley (1849) Eddie Scott (2006)


1st FTCh Heolybwich Fatty – B Randall –  Owner: B Randall

2nd FTCh Chyknell Iris – J. Shotton – Ian Openshaw

3rd Selrach Daisy – C Fearn - S Tyers

4th FTCh Centrewalk Daydream – R Preest – R Preest

Guns Choice:- FTCh Chyknell Iris – J. Shotton – Ian Openshaw

Diploma's of Merit went to :-

FTCH Cheweky Scholes - Mark Whitehouse

FTCh Rowston Serana - Dai Ormond

FTCh Brook Furlong of Tiptop Jack - Ian Openshaw

The 81st Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2011

To be held at Ford & Etal Estate, Cornhill, Northumberland
(by kind permission of Eskdale Shooting Services)
Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th January 2011.

Judges:  Dave Anderson (1937), John Dickson (1963), Peter Jones (1981), Victor McDevitt (1990)

1st FTCh Flaxdale Hallie – R Young - Owner A. Jones

2nd FTCH Morfudd Mungo – G Meehan

3rd FTCh Clangregor Albamach of Biteab –  M Taylor

4th FTCh Buccleuch Dawn of Freecrow – A Paterson

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

Garzone Grafter - D Rockhall

FTCh Broomfield Rosetta - E Scott

FTCH Clonduff Delilah - P Carraghar

FTCh Rosebay Fantasy - A Ladyman

Doncaster Star - A Whitehouse

FTCh Scrondale Romulus - D Donneley

FTCh Scotsbury Scarlet - Mrs M Cox

 FTch Merebrook Ecko - R Shepherd

FTCh Buccleuch Onyx - D Lisett

FTCh Maesyronan Steeple Jack - S Pearson/J Bailey

FTCh Rosebay Camille - A Ladyman

Churchview Abs - T Frost/J Bailey

FTCh Twylight Mist - G Veasey

 FTCh Melchbourne Melle - R Loomes

FTCh Skeersmoor Kaos  - S Jones


To be held at Ford & Etal Estate, Cornhill, Northumberland
(by kind permission of Eskdale Shooting Services)
Friday 29th and Saturday 30th January 2010.
JUDGES: Mr John Holloway , Mr Ray Plunkett, Mr Jeremy Organ, Mr Mark Colclough

1st Moel famau Mini – W Clulee –  Owner: W Clulee

2nd FTCh Rowston Serana – Handler/Owner: – Mr D Ormond

3rd FTCh Orgest Yfwr – Handler/Owner: W Clulee

4th FTCh Argyll Chiefton – Handler/Owner: W Clulee

Diploma's of Merit went to :-

FTCH Fernmoss Moonshine

Chyknell Lilly

Randalyn Black Knight

FTCh Rowston Rachel

Chyknell Iris

FTCh Rowston Sahara

FTCh Fenlord Rosie

FTCH Cheweky Scholes  

The 80th Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2010

Glenarm Estate
County Antrim
Northern Ireland

by kind permission of Viscount and Viscountess Dunluce on the 11th 12th and 13th of January 2010.

Steward of the beat was Headkeeper Robert Luff
Judges:  Ray Casey, Alec Coutts, Stan Pearson, Malcolm Taylor

1st Buccluch Jazz – David Lisett –  Owner: The Duke of Buccleuch

2nd Mersyronan Markettrader – John Bailey – Owner: Mr Terry Frost

3rd Kidnais Successor –  Owner: Mr I Clarke

4th Woodstorm Babe – Ian Openshaw – Owner: Mrs A Wise

Diploma's of Merit went to :- 

Flaxdale hallie

Badger of the valley

Rosebay Fantasy



Held at Shadwell Estate, Norfolk  0n 14th & 15th JANUARY 2008

1st :   FTCh Randalyn Black Jazz  Mrs J. Tudor , Mr N. Gregory

2nd : FTCh Buccleuch Athena Duke of Buccleuch,  D Lisett,

3rd :  FTCh Mallowdale Guppy Mr D J A Openshaw, Ian Openshaw

4th :  FTCh Mallowdale Ria  Mr & Mrs J Reid,  Ian Openshaw




Held at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk  0n 09th & 10th JANUARY 2008

1st :   FTCh Timsgarry Valtos,  MR S. D. TYERS, OWNER

2nd : FTCh Wernffrwd Mai, MR & Mrs M.J. Willis, Mr. P. Jones

3rd :  FTCh Gournaycourt Morag,  Mrs J. H. Menzies, Mr. J. R. Bailey

4th :  Buccleuch Athena, The Duke of Buccleuch, Mr. D. Lissett




Held at Conholt Estate, Hampshire 0n 16th & 17th JANUARY 2007

1st :   FTCh Timsgarry Barlow,  MR S. D. TYERS, OWNER

2nd : FTCh Mallowdale Ria, MR J. REID, I. OPENSHAW

3rd :  FTCh Willowbee Wren,  MR E. SCOTT, OWNER

4th :  Chyknell Wren, MR J. C. WATSON, I. OPENSHAW



77th Springer Spaniel Championship Jan 2007

Drumlanrig Estate, Dumfries

Judges: Mark Clifford, Paul Dyson. John Pay and Eddie Scott

1st  FTCh Annickview Breeze - David Lisett
2nd FTCh Woodstorm Avril - Simon Dixon
3rd FTCh Roysec Blossom - Ian Openshaw
4th FTCh Craighaar Holly - Aubrey Ladyman




Held at Ford & Etal Estate in Northumberland on the 17th & 18th January 2006

Judges: Mr M Shefford, Mr J Mackay, Mr I Roberston, Mr S Bolton


1st FTCh Dandrew Druid, Ian Openshaw

2nd FTCh Kingcott Dell, Eddie Scott

3rd FTCh Mallowdale Ria, Jamie Reid, Ian Openshaw

4th  FTCh Priorsmeadow Dancer, Peter Jones

Diploma's of Merit went to :-

FTCh Dardnell Dealer

FTCh Fernmoss Nightingale

FTCh Gournaycourt Morag

FTCh Kingcott Bella

FTCh Mallowdale Olga

FTCh Willowbee Wren


76th English Springer Spaniel Championships Jan 2006

Holkham 11/12/13 January

Judges: Mr I Bateson, Mr J Organ, Mr T Crothers, Mr D Pope

1st: Deniro Demi Ian English  Breeder: Mr.B.Longstaff

2nd: FTCH Craighar Charisma Ian English Breeder:   Mr.B.Buchan

3rd: FTCH Spriggans Bessy   Mrs H Laity.

4th: Whitehope Revel J O'Neill Breeder: Mr.P.Dyson.