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"What a amazing site. Placed add for Part Trained Cocker for sale, it was sold with in a few hours. The response was unbelievable 37 calls in 12 hours, also placed adds for cocker pups, same great response, and Part Trained Labrador and that was sold in a couple of days. I have adverts on Stud dog page also, and receive a good response from that too. The service is second to none and he edited all my pictures for me. Felstead Gundogs is a good place to advertise in the Gundog world for good results. Many thanks".
Chris  Brookcott Gundogs, Cambridge

"Thank you Martin for your co-operation and patience in helping me design my website, you have also been a wealth of information when I decided to use my dogs for stud purposes. When it came to advertising the puppies thank you for helping me with the pictures as well as the write up and selling the puppies, this proved most beneficial as all puppies were sold. I will continue to promote Felstead Gundogs to anybody who wants to advertise".
Mandy from Morfasso Gundogs, West Sussex

"This site has been an excellent advertising site and in my opinion is the best out there for results. After numerous years of breeding Working Cocker Spaniels and asking where people found the advert Felstead comes out on top every time. My Stud dog is advertised on there and sired 20 litters last year. This site and Martin come highly recommended from me".
Clare Kenny,
County Durham

"This website holds a wealth of information which proved to be invaluable during the whole process of producing a first litter from my bitch. It is without equal. The advertising process was quick, simple and excellent, with direct contact and assistance from the site owner within minutes of submission. Also it gets results with several phone calls within hours. I will certainly use the site again in order to advertise the remaining pups when they are a little older".
C Black --N Yorks.

"Martin Just letting you know that the ad I placed on your web site was just ideal, I sold the 2 dog pups that I had left in the first 4 days of placing the ad. I would not hesitate in recommending it and will be using it in the future All the best".
John Goldsmith -- Lesburn Gundogs

"This is a great website. It full of useful information about Working Cockers and it clearly widely read. We advertised our litter on it and within four hours had perfect purchasers for the entire litter. Martin is really helpful when placing the advert and takes a personal interest in the litter and reaction to the advert. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else interested in this wonderful breed of dogs".
Christopher, Hampshire

"I can not recommend the Felstead site enough, there is a wealth of up to date information on the site, and in relation to the classifieds section, Martin gets the advert on quickly and the response has been incredible when advertising my litter of working cockers. I would not hesitate to use the site again to ensure I get my advert out to the right people quickly".
Jon-Paul -- Wernmoor Cockers

"If you are a complete novice to the canine dynamo namely the working cocker spaniel this site is probably the best I have found on the internet. The site is both very informative and comprehensive for new owners, experienced handlers and triallers and would be of great interest for anyone who wants to be or is already involved in the world of the cocker. Through this site I have sold the occasional litter and have had excellent response both nationally and internationally, made new contacts and picked up some interesting tips. A site well worth a look and highly recommended".
D.J. Williams,  RHOS-Y-GIACH Gundogs, South West Wales

"Felstead Gundogs is the place to advertise your dogs/puppies. Martin has the advert live in quick time, and the response is really good. When I decided to sell a fully trained dog for serious money, I knew the place to advertise him was Felstead as this is where potential buyers look. The dog sold in a few days to the right home. I always recommend Felstead to people who use my stud dogs to sell their puppies.".
Jacquie Ward -- Breezybrook Gundogs, Bedfordshire.

"I just wanted to e-mail you with my many thanks for your excellent classifieds which have enabled me to find lovely new homes for my litter of cocker spaniel puppies. The service you offer is a rare thing in these hurried, global times – personal, attentive and nothing too much trouble. Your site is easy to navigate and informative, and makes contact with the sort of people a good dog breeder always wants to sell to and who are interested and committed to the working dog. I will have absolutely no hesitation in using you again, and in recommending you to anybody I meet who is wanting to sell a litter of puppies! Again, many many thanks".
Anna Hopley -- Hopley Working Cockers, Cheshire.

"What a brilliant popular site ! Very quick response, adverts up and running fast, alterations made fast, knowledgeable advice replied to quickly. A site with plenty of informative subjects, take time to look through the site you won't be disappointed. You will always get a reply. Service with a smile!".
Wendy -- Wenji Working Cockers, West Sussex.

"All my working Cocker Pups have gone to lovely working homes thanks to this website. The process of placing the ad couldn't have been easier and I was receiving calls almost immediately. The fact that this site appears near the top of the list when searching for working cocker puppies, doesn't advertise anything, no annoying pop-ups and only has useful information makes it a total hit. I will definitely use this site again if we have more pups and will recommend it to friends. Thank you Martin".
Tor-- Devon.

"After advertising in various places with little response, Martin came to my rescue. He was quick to get my ad up and running and I had immediate responses, selling the first pup of my first litter in 2 days. With the amount of responses I have had I could choose carefully the new homes for them. The web site is easy to navigate and very informative. He even changed my ad for me when all but one had sold, to focus on the last remaining pup. I am extremely pleased with Martins attention to detail and the way he puts in 100% to each and every ad he does. Will certainly be recommending him. Thanks Martin!".

"What a great site! Easy to use site with a helpful human at the other end of the email! Martin helpfully guides you through the process patiently, and your ad is up really quickly. I've just sold a litter of working cockers, and have now just placed a new ad with no hesitation. This site really is the place to be for proper working dogs".
Sally Twigger, Braque d'Auvergne Breeder, Wales.

"Terrific site Martin, so easy to navigate and lots of information, classifieds ! out of 8 Cocker Pups, Felstead sold 6, thanks for your personal service and re doing my pictures and pedigree so they were presentable, I wouldn't hesitate on using your site again".
Richard, Colchester Essex

"Many thanks Martin for your wonderful site, must admit truly obsessed by it, used to use other advertisement sites until I found yours, I have sold 3 litters no problem whatsoever with no timewasters, jolly well done for all your help keep it up".
Valerie, Maldon Essex

"Thanks for advising me on how too sell my first litter of pups (which was truly traumatic), and all the valuable help and information you gave me. Litter was 100% sold very quickly through your site to good working and honest homes".
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

"This site, is a site with heart, Martin will help you in anyway he can to make sure your puppies sell fast and go to the right homes, the information is second to none and no silly pop ups appearing everywhere, thanks for all your time and effort". We also advertise on the stud pages and get many enquires regardless of Champion status".
Richard D, Romford, Essex

"Martin was extremely helpful when we had our first working cocker spaniel litter. We emailed him the information and the advert was live in no time at all. Also Martin has a huge amount of gundog experience and was proactive in offering us some excellent advice. At 5 weeks they are all now sold and in fact any enquiries I now get I refer to Felstead Gundogs website for their search as I have every confidence in it. An excellent, well run website with a personal service - would not hesitate to recommend."
Rachel Wales, London

"I have placed an advertisement for my last remaining Cocker Spaniel puppy and I have a good response from this website from potential buyers. I have had a few calls however I did not think these were suitable homes for my particular dog with him coming from a strong working background.
If I ever breed a future litter I would advertise on here in the first instance as I had had a lot of interest and would highly recommend this web site to working gundog owners and breeders. I wish this website a the very best in the future."


"Thanks for the advertisement, didn't realise how much traffic comes through this site until, I by chance decided to advertise, I had numerous calls and had deposits on 8 pups a week after they were born. Since my wife and I have taken time (and believe me you need time (nearly 2 weeks) to go through the whole website). Its a great site with no advertising pushed in your face and pop ups coming in and annoying your viewing, without threats of virus, just straight talk, I would recommend this site to anybody with Gundogs. He even helped me clean out my computer, Ps his computer knowledge and editing of pictures is second to none, seriously you'd be a fool not to try it. thanks again, keep it up great site"
Jeremy, Wales

"I used Martin’s website for the first time last June to sell our litter of cocker puppies and were very impressed by the number of calls we received. They were all sold very quickly and went to good homes. Martin also bred our working cocker so we have to thank him for that also. She has turned into a fantastic dog and was well worth the trip from Northumberland to Essex!".
Joey , Northumberland

"Thank you for letting me place a advert on your site for my litter of Labrador pups for the first time. I found your site very useful in information for me. Kind regards".
Pam Fisher, North East

Martin, I felt I should write to than you for your help and advice with the advert for my litter. The results were excellent and all puppies were placed in suitable homes within a matter of a few weeks. Thanks again
Chris Ditton, Kent

Dear Martin, I am not a regular breeder as I only breed when I need another puppy for myself. I mated my bitch with Simon Tyres FTCh Timsgarry Barlow and she duly produced a large litter. Some were already booked for trialling but I had three remaining so I advertised on your site. What a pleasure with no ' clutter ' and so easy. Responses far exceeded expectations, and all pups were sold to working homes very quickly. Many thanks, Garland Pickard, Devon

This is a web site without equal; Martin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of working Cocker Spaniels, and I am sure many other working breeds. This site has for me been a tremendous help in finding quality working/country homes for all our puppies and I recommend the site to all the new pup owners as well as anyone who shows an interest in this wonderful breed of dogs.
Fiona, Devon